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Israeli student stabbed in racially motivated hate crime in Brooklyn

The perpetrator has died. The media is downplaying the racially motivated attack claiming the suspect had “bi-polar.” Imagine if the perp had been a white man. Coverage would be much different.

From New York Daily News…

A deranged man heard screaming “I want to kill the Jew!” stabbed a 22-year-old Israeli student in the face at the Brooklyn headquarters of the Lubavitcher movement before he was shot dead by police early Tuesday.

Cops repeatedly ordered the man, identified by police sources as 49-year-old Calvin Peters, to put down the nine-inch blade before they opened fire.

Peters initially complied, putting it on a table. But then he picked it up again and charged at the officers before he was shot in the stomach by Officer Robert Pagan, sources said.

“He was going towards the officer,” witness Yechi Hamlech, 19, said. “His eyes were bulging, he must have been on drugs.”

In startling video first posted by the Israeli news site 0404, an officer identified by sources as Timothy Donohue is heard yelling at Peters to put down the weapon.

“Drop the f—–g knife,” he can be heard yelling repeatedly.