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Jack Hunter pushes establishment falsehoods about blacks and the police

Jack Hunter once refused to be photographed without his wrestling mask, claiming that his right-wing views put his safety in jeopardy.

Jack Hunter, establishment leftist.
by Kyle Rogers

Jack Hunter was a minor radio personality in Charleston, SC from around 2000 to 2008. His main subject matter was the Confederate flag. He wore a Mexican style wrestling mask, and refused to give out his real name. He claimed that his right-wing views put him in danger.

Around 2009, Jack Hunter proudly declared that he stood by everything he wrote and said he was “even more radical now.” Around the same time he went on the Political Cesspool Radio Show and proudly declared that the late Dr. Samuel Francis was his favorite author. Francis is the author of the CofCC Statement of Principals. He also boasted on the radio and his own website about being a former activist with the right-wing League of the South.

Then he started writing for the left-wing Charleston City Paper. The City Paper told him that he had to use his real name and a his real picture. No wrestling masks allowed. Suddenly Jack Hunter was a lukewarm moderate, denouncing conservatives for being too hard on Obama.

Jack Hunter got a job working for US Senator Rand Paul, but continued to rapidly drift to the left. Then one day he resigned from Paul’s staff and publicly denounced himself as “a racist.” Since then Jack Hunter has written establishment left-wing diatribes on racial issues.

The website for The American Conservative published a far-left racial diatribe by Jack Hunter today. Ironically the publication was founded as a “paleo-conservative” magazine by Patrick Buchanan and Taki Theodoracopulos. Both of those men have since abandoned the publication. It has continuously degenerated into an establishment “neo-conservative” publication. The very people that Buchanan and Theodoracopulos founded the magazine to combat.

Talking about Eric Garner and the Mike Brown, Jack Hunter fills his piece with all of the standard far-left falsehoods on race and police.

Hunter states “We know that black teenagers are 21 times more likely to be shot by the police than whites.” This is completely fictional and without any merit. Statistically, police officers are more likely to shoot white crime suspects than black crime suspects.

In 2013, blacks made up 29% of all people shot by police. The same year, about 50% of all murders were committed by blacks. Blacks also commit over 50% of all robberies. Blacks account for many other serious crimes in percentages that exceed 29%. If blacks commit 50% of all murders, you’d expect that roughly 50% of the people shot by police would be black.

A black person is roughly 2.7 times more likely to be shot by police than a white person. However, they are far more likely to commit a serious crime than a white person. This means white suspects are more likely to be shot by police than black suspect. Most crimes are committed by young males. So the ratio of 2.7 is going to stay about the same if you are comparing young black males to young white males.

If anything, police treat blacks with kid gloves. Every white cop knows that every encounter with a black is a potential career ender! The source of the “21 times” figure originated with the far-left This is the same website that claims all white women who belly dance are “racists.” claimed the “21 times” was supported by FBI data, which it is not. also lists ProPublica as the source, which is a false source. ProPublica never claimed anything even remotely close to this. The “21 times” figure was an absolute hoax, that is not supported by anything. Even other leftists have now conceded that the figure was a  hoax, but here is Jack Hunter still repeating it.

Now, many left-wing authors are a hyping a “7 times” figure. This is based on a small sub-set of the FBI data, which only includes urban areas and draws heavily from majority black areas. So even the “7 times” figure is a hoax, because it is not based on the full FBI data set. ProPublica, the media outlet that falsely lists as a source for the “21 times” hoax, actually claims that 78% of all suspects killed by a black cop are black.  ProPublica also claims that black cops account for about 10% of all police shootings. Blacks make up 12.5% of the US public, but are less likely than white to become police officers.

Then Jack Hunter lays out another whopper. He says that blacks face harsher sentencing than whites. Once again. Totally false in every way.

Let’s look at murder. Blacks committed 53% of all murders between 1976-2000. even now with the exploding population of Latinos, blacks are still holding steady at 50% of all murders. Yet, black murderers are significantly less likely to be prosecuted with first degree murder than white murderers. Because of this, they are significantly less likely to be sentenced to the death penalty.

Even the NAACP has conceded this! According to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, less than 41.6% of the people sentenced to death row since 1976 have been black. Far less than the percentage of murders committed by blacks. Yet it gets worse. Once placed on death row, black death row inmates are significantly less likely to actually be executed. Only 34.8% of the people who have actually been executed were black. When a black person commits murder, they are much less likely than white murderers to be sentenced to death. Once sentenced to death row, they are much less likely than condemned whites to actually be executed.

Now let’s look at minor crimes. Majority black cities like New Orleans, Chicago,  and East St. Louis are famous for not even investigating or prosecuting multitudes of serious crimes. If you don’t commit murder, you are unlikely to ever be prosecuted. In Chicago, very few people who shoot, but only wound their victim are ever prosecuted.

What parts of the country do people have the book thrown at them for minor offenses? Small towns and rural areas with low crime. Since white people commit crimes at rates dramatically lower than blacks, white people are more likely to live in low crime areas. Everyone knows that someone in a low crime small town is facing the most serious prosecution and sentencing for minor crimes.

Jack Hunter uses marijuana as an example. Once again, completely absurd. In many large cities cops are told not even to bother with marijuana. They simply confiscate it and throw it on the ground. Some cities issue civil citations. Once again, a white guy in a low crime small town faces dramatically stiffer penalties for marijuana than the typical black guy in a large city.

I was in court in Charleston, SC for not renewing my vehicle tag once. There was a black guy, already on Federal probation, who was there for a “drug paraphernalia” citation. The cop testified that he witnessed the man smoking crack cocaine under a bridge, but only gave him a civil citation for paraphernalia. You think many white guys in a small town, where the cops have nothing to do, are likely to get a free pass for crack? The fact that the man was on Federal probation likely meant he had already been given no jail time for a serious criminal conviction.

It is true that sometimes police arrest a guy for marijuana, because the person is a known gangbanger and police are fishing for something more serious. However, the police are not targeting these people based on skin color, but the person’s reputation.

Jack Hunter cites the left-wing falsehood that blacks and white use drugs at the same rate. Every survey shatters this fake claim. When asked if you have done an illegal drug in the past year, young whites will typical answer “yes” at a rate almost as high as blacks. However, if you ask them if they have done an illegal drug in the past week, young blacks answer “yes” at an astronomical rate compared to whites.

For the record, I think marijuana should be treated like beer and cigarettes. However, it is simply false that blacks are unfairly targeted for marijuana arrests. If you want to see people persecuted for marijuana, go to an all white rural county in the Midwest. Compare the level of prosecution and sentencing to any major majority black city.

Consider that a black man on welfare will get a free lawyer at taxpayer expense. A white man who works for a living, can be falsely charged with a crime, and be financially ruined defending himself. A working man charged with a false crime has to pay for his own defense, while at the same time pay taxes to provide countless guilty people with free lawyers! Since blacks are on welfare at six times the white rate, guess which race is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to public defenders?

Many police departments are actually mandating that officers pull over or harass more white people out of a fear that they will be called racist. The departments want to be able to show on paper that their department has a proportional amount of encounters with whites as they do blacks.

The most famous example is New York City. The percentage of white people stopped by the NYPD exceeds the percentage of NYC crime committed by white people. Even Bloomberg, the former liberal mayor of New York City, conceded that this was true!

When police departments are ordered to place political correctness ahead of public safety,  white people, not blacks, are the ones being unfairly and systemically harassed! If blacks want the police to pay less attention to them, they should simply commit less crime.

Hunter likes to claim that he is a libertarian and wants to live in a society where the police don’t bother innocent law abiding people. By defending violent criminals like Mike Brown, Jack Hunter is actually fueling a pro-police state, anti-libertarian backlash.

What can you say about someone who spent most of his adult life advocating racial realism, and now claims he was just kidding? Someone who went from attacking the NAACP to defending the violent criminal Mike Brown? He thinks he can get more fans and more fame by reciting far-left Cultural Marxism falsehoods than having convictions.

The left-wing does not take Jack Hunter seriously and treats him like a joke. The right-wing treats him like a joke. Actually Jack Hunter was already being attacking by major conservative radio personalities like Mark Levin and Alex Jones, before he even denounced himself as “a racist.” He is now in a political limbo, where he has so discredited himself, no one will ever take him seriously again.

Presently Jack Hunter works for, a lukewarm, non-political, middle of the road internet news sites. In ten years, Jack Hunter will probably re-invent himself as something else again. There is no telling with this guy.