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Jessica Chambers and the “Black Squad”

Jessica Chambers

Update: Author Linda Oliver said that after giving a speech, Jessica Chambers asked her for help to write her own book. “She thanked me for sharing some of the horrible facts of my own story” and then asked for help with hers, Oliver said. ‘I want my story to be told.'”

Note: The male in the picture at right is not a suspect. We are simply showing these pictures because they confirm rumor about the kind of people Jessica Chamber had relationships with. The photographs are from around December 2012. However, friends and acquaintances of Jessica Chambers say she continued to be involved with and date the same kind of males.

The photographs at the right are from facebook accounts located here and here. There are pictures of Bryan Rudd in intimate selfies with Jessica Chambers. There are multiple pictures online of him posing with money in his mount. There is another photo of Rudd with the phrase “Squad Up.” There appears to be an active criminal gang in the area called “Black Squad.” The phrase on Rudd’s picture suggests he is a member or supporter.

The staff of this website believe that there is a massive criminal gang element in Panola County. We suspect that authorities are deliberately trying to hide the county’s substantial criminal sub-culture. The motivation for this could be embarrassment, political correctness, or both.

Jessica Chambers is the 19 year old white female who was horrifically burned alive in rural Panola County, MS last Saturday Evening.

News coverage of the crime has tried to drive home the claim that Chambers was not involved with an males.

However, friends, relatives, and acquaintances of Jessica Chambers began chatting online about multiple black boyfriends. One of which, she had just broken up with. Some claimed that a black male boyfriend had beaten her last June.

Theresa Fleming, a close friend of Jessica Chambers, claimed that a black male was in custody on Sunday. She stated that she “100% sure” that he was the guilty party.

Other friends claimed that “police have the name” of the guilty person, and that Jessica was seen arguing with this person right before the murder.

Authorities have issued statement daily saying there are no suspects and no one is in custody.

However, a black male was taken into custody for questioning on Monday, held in the county jail, and not released until Wednesday. He has been cleared and is not considered a suspect.

M&M First Stop Gas is the station that Jessica Chamber filled up at. She was killed in close proximity. Residents of Panola County say the gas station is a mecca of drug dealing and prostitution. In fact, there are numerous pictures of black males posing inside and outside of the M&M gas station doing gang signs. Ali Alsanai is the clerk who says he talked to Jessica that night. He is from Yemen. Here is Alsanai doing a gang sign with two other blacks males inside the gas station. Alsanai has also posted numerous pictures of himself holding guns at the gas station.

An anonymous twitter user has posted a multitude of gang style photos from young black males from the surrounding  community. Many directly connected to Alsanai.

There is an effort going on to post the online pictures of local gangbangers to the twitter hashtag #operationjessica.

Police say they have Jessica’s cell phone records and that she was able to utter some words about her attacker. The entire county only has 34,707 people. The online community is getting restless for more information. The final words spoken by Jessica are still top secret. Her own parents say the DA won’t tell them what they were.

The DA has been intentionally vague about what evidence they have. He even told reporters that an arrest could occur “in five minutes or five years.”

The website has posted their own timeline with photographs, along with their conclusions.

There is 53 seconds that has been cut out of the video that was given to the public.The reason could be to hide criminal activity occurring at the station. The video does show a female clerk walk out of the gas station and hand what appears to be an envelope to an unknown male. This looks highly suspicious.

All of the video shown to the public is a crude videotape of a tv playing the video. It was assumed that this was made by a reporter to bypass law enforcement. However, this shocking photo purports to show the local police videotaping the tv screen instead of making a real copy.

One local paper reported that police didn’t get the video from the gas station until they were notified of its existence by a reporter 96 hours later. Ali Alsanai has personally disputed this claim. He said police asked to watch the video within hours of the murder.

It would be a huge disservice to all young women not to teach them the risk factors for domestic violence and femicide. However, our media, law enforcement, schools, and even feminist groups omit or even lie about risk factors because of political correctness. The entertainment industry even glorifies behavior that put woman at the highest risk of being murdered by an intimate partner.

We believe that public safety is more important than political correctness. White females involved with black males are the single highest risk category for femicide. One major study even found that white females with black males are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their partner than white females with white males.

We are not “blaming the victim.” We want other young women to know the risk factors for femicide, to keep them from being abused or murdered.

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