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Jessica Chambers had current bf, plus an ex-bf that has been in jail for a year

Jessica-Chambers-BoyfriendDespite being a rural county, with less 35,000 people, we now know that Panola has more than it’s fair share of thugs. It is also suspected that the M&M Gas Stop, where Jessica Chamber was last seen, is a mecca of gang activity.

We know that Jessica Chamber has been dating black males, who are heavily into thug culture, since at least October of 2012. Jessica Chambers recently stayed at Leah’s House, a home for women in distress. Her father referred to it as a “battered women’s shelter,” suggesting that she was being physically abused. Immediately after Jessica Chambers was killed, some of her friends called the murder “domestic violence,” online.

We have now learned two new details from local media. Jessica Chambers has an ex-boyfriend, a black male, that has been in jail for over a year. at this point, we do not know what he is in jail for.

Also, police are investigating claims that Jessica Chambers was “choked” at the M&M Gas Stop one week before the murder. Other local media have reported that she was “aggressively confronted.” This occurred at 9:00 AM. There are numerous pictures online of black males doing gang signs in front of and inside the M&M Gas Stop.

According to a friends of Jessica, she was dating someone when the murder took place. One of Jessica’s friends identified her current boyfriend as “Travo.”, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather