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Jessica Chambers uttered “Eric or Derrick” to first responder


Notes: All picture at the right are from the public Facebook page of Jerrick “Mac-Knowledge” Todd. We are not claiming he is a suspect. We are just using the pictures to provide a back story for the case. Jerrick is alleging on Facebook that Ben Chambers is the real killer.

It is now revealed that Jessica Chambers uttered a word that sounded like “Eric or Derrick” to the first responder. Police have questioned at least two black males with those names. (See videos below)

Police have held at least two people in custody at the county jail, while they were questioned. One is Derrick Turner, who was probably taken into custody primarily because of his name. He was taken into custody on Monday and released on Wednesday.

The other is Charlotte Wilkerson, AKA “Sha-Sha,” who is supposed to be a friend of Jessica Chambers. Public records show she was released from custody on 12/9. It is presumed she was taken into custody on 12/7. She told media that she was only being questioned, but police took a mug shot and held her in jail. She claims that Jessica Chambers attended a party right before her death. None of Jessica’s other friends say she went to a party. Jessica was wearing “pajama pants” at the time of her murder. Friends say she would have been dressed differently if she planned to go to a party.

Jerrick ToddThere is a Jerrick “Mac-Knowledge” Todd in Jessica’s circle of friends on Facebook.

Jerrick launched a profanity laced tirade against Ben Chambers on Facebook earlier today. Jerrick claimed that Ben Chambers, father of Jessica Chambers, is the real killer.

In some of the pictures, Jerrick appears to be doing gang signs. Jerrick also has a picture on his Facebook page that appears to be making a joke about a white female being sexually attacked by a black male.

One day before the murder of Jessica Chamber, Jerrick Chambers posted about beating “Karma,” which he personifies as a woman.

We are not alleging that Jerrick is a suspect.

According to online gossip, the father of Jessica Chambers has been arrested for Crystal Meth. County records show that a Ben Chambers was charged with “intent to manufacture” in 2004. There are less than 35k people in the county. Jessica’s father was a maintenance worker for the Sheriff’s department. We know that Jessica Chambers has been dating black males, who are into gangster/thug culture, since at least October of 2012. We also know that she recently left a shelter for abused women.

The back story that is emerging is a battered young lady immersed in a community full of hardcore gangbangers. Her own father an alleged meth cooker. A close friend from Yemen who seems to be the nexus of local gang activity.

Does Sha-Sha know who the killer is?

From (In relation to the video above) …

Did you catch that? – Police had phone records on Sunday evening?

Did you also catch that “Sha-Sha” was standing in front of M&M First Stop Gas?

Charlotte Wilkerson is the only person interviewed, who has claimed that Jessica was at a party on the night she was killed. Specifically Wilkerson says Jessica left the party, and then killed.

We can find no social media conversation, of any principle in Courtland, who is within the context of this case, who mentioned, discussed, invited, or otherwise even hinted to a party on 12/6/14. No-one.

Yet, Charlotte Wilkerson is claiming first hand knowledge of a party, and first hand knowledge of Jessica’s attendance, and first hand knowledge of Jessica leaving this mystery party before her death.

Remember, Jessica called her mom at 6:48pm and said she was going to grab something to eat before coming home.

So what’s up?

Is/Was Auntie Sha-Sha covering for Jessica who went somewhere but didn’t want mom to know? Did a party take place? Where? Who was there? How can Charlotte Wilkerson be so absolutely certain of the facts around the mystery party?