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Many young blacks in Panola County claiming father killed Jessica Chambers

Jerrick “Mac-Knowledge” Todd

Jerrick “Mac-Knowledge” Todd posted a profanity laced tirade on Facebook blaming Ben Chambers for the murder of his daughter. He also denounced anyone involved with law enforcement or the criminal justice system. Todd also has a picture on Facebook that appears to make of light of black on white sexual assault.

Shockingly, 76 people have liked it. Some of them are people who knew Jessica personally. Most of the people are current or former residents of Courtland and Batesville, which is in the immediate vicinity of the murder.

One male posted a follow up diatribe complaining about the increase in police presence over the murder. This was greeted with more “likes” and cheers. Ironically, one woman who “liked” the diatribe claims to have studied criminal justice in community college.

The entire county is less than 35k people and about half white, half black. However it is awash in gangbanger “thug” culture. Panola County completely destroys the popular myth that “blacks only commit higher crime rates because they are more likely to live in urban areas.”

Jerrick-Todd2New link for Jerrick Todd’s Facebook page. He changed it earlier today.

 Teanna “Teapooh” Rudd

Here is another female resident of Batesville who went to the same school as Jessica Chambers. According to her Facebook address, her real name is Teanna Rudd. Note that this is the same surname as Bryan Rudd, a former boyfriend of Jessica Chambers.

Her present Facebook handle is “Teapooh Itiswatitis Latrice.”

One day before the murder of Jessica Chambers she called for white police officers to be forced to watch their children being raped and then burned alive. All before being murdered themselves.

Ben Chambers, the father of Jessica Chambers is not a police officer but he was employed by the Panola County Sheriff’s Department as a maintenance worker.

“Somebody needs to rape all they kids in front of them then set them on fire there learn then white bitches need to be dead” – Teanna Rudd