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Media Blackout: 12 yr old Savannah, GA boy executed in racial hate crime

On November 22nd, a white 12 year old was targeted for an execution style murder by an adult black male in Savannah GA.

The local media has been censoring race from the story. If the races had been reversed, it would have been an instant nation-wide media event. Instead it was a heavily censored “hush crime.”

Keith Passmore, 12, attended a birthday party for another black kid on November 22nd. When he was leaving an adult black male decided it would be fun to murder him. After Passmore got in a pickup truck to go home, a black male walked up to the truck and shot Passmore execution style.

Police say that others at the party are not co-operating. The birthday party occurred in a black neighborhood and police have encountered a uniform wall of silence, even though there was undoubtedly witnesses.