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Militant school officials use 7 & 8 yr olds to protest for Mike Brown in Boston

Alma-Del-Mar-Charter-SchoolRadical left-wing school officials at the Alma Del Mar Charter School in New Bedford, MA had 2nd graders stand on the sidewalk holding sighs for the violent criminal Mike Brown. The demonstration took place during regular school hours.

The school is only 32% white. The rest is Latino and black.

Second grade teacher Shabrina Guerrier conducted the protest using her students. School officials Emily Stainer and Will Gardner have admitted to green-lighting the protest. However, all three are justifying it by saying the children wanted to do it.

The children had just been given a “lesson” on the death of Mike Brown.

Recently the left-wing Huffington Post called on public schools to teach children a “counter-narrative” of the death of the violent criminal Mike Brown. You can bet that students were taught a “counter-narrative” rather than a factual account of the Brown’s death.

No parents were asked for their consent. Parents only found out because one child’s father was driving down the street and saw his own kid with a Mike Brown sign.

George Borden, who is a New Bedfored police officer, was driving down the street and saw his daughter protesting for Mike Brown. He says that Sabrina Guerrier gave his daughter a flyer that states police officers are allowed to “kill Black men and boys with impunity.”