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MS girl burned alive. What her friends are saying.


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Update: A man was held for questioning for two days, but he has been released.

Update: Jessica’s friends and acquaintances appear to have stopped talking publicly online. Many have scrubbed internet posts. We suspect that the police have urged them them stop posting public comments.

Both parents are being quoted in the media as saying Jessica uttered the name of the perp, or perps, to firefighters. The District Attorney is still alleging that there is no suspect.

Note: The male in the picture is not a suspect. We used it because it confirms claims by Jessica’s friends that she had an active dating life. The parents of Jessica Chambers told media “she was not in a relationship.”

Theresa Fleming posted this intimate selfie, of Jessica Chambers and her son Bryan Rudd, on the internet on December 7th shortly after the murder was announced. Bryan Rudd also has numerous “thug culture” photos on Facebook. Bryan Rudd currently lives in Iowa.

Fleming alleged that “a black guy” is in police custody for the murder. She states “I am 100% sure they have him.”

Other friends are alleging that police have a suspect, but are trying to link physical evidence before releasing his name.

Friends, co-workers, and acquaintances of Jessica Chambers say she had an active dating life and had relationships with multiple black males in the past year. There is chatter among her friends and acquaintances about Jessica being in abusive relationships.

At least one of Jessica’s friends already declared that the murder was “domestic violence” on twitter.

On December 7th, Kelsey Arendale posted a recent handwritten letter from Jessica on Facebook. In the letter, Jessica references breaking up with a boyfriend. She states “he wasn’t worth my tears.” Arendale identifies herself as Jessica Chamber’s cousin.

There are various claims on Facebook and other social media purporting to identify the perpetrator. So far, all of them appear extremely dubious.

All claims made on social media by people claiming to know what happened should be handled with skepticism.

Charlotte Wilkerson, an acquaintance of Jessica, says she was at a party the night of the killing and saw Jessica there. The District Attorney says that he expects to receive a signed warrant to search Jessica’s phone records today (Dec. 10th).

The District Attorney says he believes that the killing “was not random.” Most female homicide victims are killed by a boyfriend or husband. The father of Jessica Chambers told media that his daughter managed to utter the name or some information about the killer. He says police will not tell him what that information was.

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