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NAACP buses protesters to tiny MO town, meets solid opposition

The NAACP bused protesters from Ferguson, MO to the tiny 96% white town of Rosebud, MO. The town only has 409 residents.

The protesters got off their bus and started marching. They met solid opposition and were heckled by dozens of townspeople. Considering that the town only has 409 people, a significant percentage of the entire population of the city took the time to stand in opposition to the NAACP.

The march was led by NAACP boss Cornell Brooks, who is infamous for making fake statements to the media about the circumstances of Mike Brown’s death.

The media is now denouncing the residents of Rosebud as “racists.”

Below: Note that the media makes it sound like the protesters walked to Rosebud. They were bused in by the NAACP. The NAACP is paying for their transportation and meals.