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NAACP/ACLU sue over democratically elected school board in Ferguson

The Ferguson-Florrisant School Board was created in 1975 to comply with court mandated desegregation.

The school district includes eleven municipalities, twenty three schools, and over 11,000 students. There are seven board members elected by the district. Six are white and one is black. The whole purpose of the school district was to force students to enjoy the alleged benefits of diversity.

Now the NAACP and the ACLU claim they don’t like the racial diversity created by the school district. They say it is bad for the black residents of Ferguson.

The ACLU filed a Federal lawsuit on behalf of the Missouri NAACP. The lawsuit claims that the democratically elected Ferguson-Florrisant School Board “dilutes the voting power of the African-American community and severely undermines their voice in the political process.”

The ALCU and the NAACP are claiming that the overall racial diversity in the school district is harmful to black people in majority black Ferguson. They are demanding a court mandated, majority black, board of directors for Ferguson public school.

Click here to read ACLU Press Release.