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New attacks on police officers in RI, NC, FL, and CA

Thursday, December 25th, Durham, NC – Two black males attempt to assassinate a white police officer

Durham Police Officer J.T. West saw two black males approaching his vehicle from behind. He got out of his patrol car to see what they wanted and they opened fire on him. He returned two shots and they fled.

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Friday, December 26th, Pawtucket, Rhode Island – Three different police officers assaulted

A group of black men and women were leaving a nightclub. As they left one group blocked traffic, while another group engage in a mob fight in a nearby parking lot.

When police interviewed, an officer was knocked unconscious by a black male. The same male male then assaulted a second officer. Then, as police struggled to arrest the man, they were surrounded by black males and females screaming obscenities. A female police officer was overwhelmed by the mob and assaulted by multiple people.

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Sunday, December 28th, Los Angeles, CA – Two police officers shot at

Two suspects opened fire on two police officers as they drove down the road in their patrol car. One suspect was apprehended and one is on the run.

All of the LA media is censoring the race of the perpetrators. However, the attack took place in a census tract that is 24% black and 74% Latino.

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Sunday, December 28th, Dade City, FL – Two officers shot at

Gunmen opened fire on two Dade City, FL police officers from a vehicle. The race of the perps is unknown.

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Major New Threats:

A black male was arrested in Cook County, IL for threaten to murder “cops and innocent white kids” on Facebook.

Ferguson protester calls for “Massacre A Pig Night” in Ferguson on New Year’s Eve.