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Obama, Holder, & CBC green-light black crime

Barak Obama held and meeting with Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and the Congressional Black Caucus. Afterward they announced that they would devout vast resources to seek out and persecute white police officers for “racial profiling.”

“Racial profile” is a myth that statistically does not exit. In fact, studies in NYC and NJ actually proved that police were disproportionately targeting white people. Accusations of “racial profiling” are used to intimidate white police officers and prosecutors into giving black criminals a free pass.

After the Seattle race riots in 2001, a Seattle cop famously said that he had better job security sitting under a tree doing crossword puzzles than actually fighting crime. He said each time he arrests a black criminal it is a potential career ender.

We recently saw a video where a black man is allegedly caught shoplifting by Walmart security in Philadelphia. When police arrive, the man screams hysterically about Mike Brown. The man refuses to show his receipt and admits to already being prosecuted for another crime. Police decide to let the man have a free pass and walk away with his allegedly stolen items to avoid a scene.

What Obama, Holder, and the CBC are telling black people is they can commit crimes, scream “racism,” and potentially get away with it. Black crime rates are surging all over America and the black president of the United States telling criminals he will protect them from white police.