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Obama regime orders makers of cloth menstrual products to pay $3.6k+ yearly fee

The Obama administration has just declared cloth menstrual products as “a medical device.” This is being done with FDA Regulation #884.5435. This is a bureaucratic regulation issued unilaterally by the Obama administration, and not approved by congress.

Companies selling cloth menstrual products will now be forced to pay $3,646 for 2015. The fee will increase to $3,872 in 2016. They will have to continue paying an annual fee indefinitely.

The move is just more evidence that the Obama administration is disingenuous about wanting a clean environment. It is expected that cloth diapers will be targeted next for re-defining as a “medical device.” Much of the cloth diaper and cloth menstrual product industry is comprised of very small businesses who sell online.

The Obama regime is highly dedicated to invention new ways of bringing in revenue. Recently the Obama administration issued a “licensing fee” on US military flags. For the first time in US history, companies making military flags have to pay a tax of the flags. This means that military personnel and their families are now paying higher retail prices for all Military flags, and US military themed apparel.

The Obama administration even tried to declare that the Gadsden flag was property of the Marine Corps, so they could tax it. The Gadsden flag is widely used by the TEA Party movement. The flag was first used by Christopher Gadsden at the battle of Sullivan’s Island during the Revolutionary War, not the US Marine Corps.

There is an online petition to oppose the new fee.