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Outrage as ex-con gets 5 years for the rape and murder of a 13 year old

Note: Every single media outlet is censoring the race of the perp. However, we can confirm that the perp is black from public records. If perp had been white and the girl was black, then this would a national media event. Every headline would have listed the races of victim and suspect. Instead it’s just another “hush crime.”

A man was finally convicted for the horrific rape and murder of a 13 year old girl in 1974 in Oakland, California.

Last week Curtis Tucker, a black male who is already a convicted felon, was convicted of the 1974 rape and murder of Julie McElhiney. Tucker has previously been convicted of sexual assault and burglary.

Tucker was arrested for the rape and murder in 2012 after the original evidence was subjected to modern DNA testing.

Tucker was given a second degree murder plea bargain deal.

On Friday, Tucker was slapped on the wrist with only five years. He could be granted parole even sooner.

The sentence was so shockingly light, that the Judge actually issued an apology to family members of Julie McElhiney. The Judge alleged that he had to use 1974 sentencing laws and claimed five years was the maximum penalty for 2nd degree murder.


McElhiney is survived by her mother and four sisters and three brothers, her family members said.

Jenny McElhiney, one of McElhiney’s older sisters, said, “I pray that we never repeat an era like the 1970s when the life of little girls meant so little and murderers walked free after five to seven years.”

McElhiney said her sister was a good student and a talented violinist but Tucker “stole her music, her art, her friendships and beautiful mind and spirit” by killing her.

McElhiney said if her sister were able to speak to Tucker, she would ask him, “Why did you hit me hard in the head with a wine bottle, force me into a dressing room, throw me against the wall, wrap an electrical cord

around my neck, force yourself into my body, the body of a child, fill a bathtub with water and throw my naked body into it?”

Kathy McElhiney, another older sister, read a letter signed by all family members saying that Julie McElhiney’s death has left them “greatly traumatized” for the past 40 years and caused “immeasurable anxiety and


The letter alleged that the Oakland Police Department caused “physical and psychological pain” for one of McElhiney’s brothers, who was 16 at the time of her death, by focusing on him as a suspect before finally

focusing on Tucker.

The letter said McElhiney’s younger sister, who was only 10 at the time and slept in the same room with McElhiney has experienced “grief and suffering that have never abated” and never married or led a normal life.

The letter said, “We have grave doubts about justice and not protecting children from predators. We waited 38 years for this crime to be solved and what kind of justice is that?”

Goodman, who appeared to be on the verge of tears, told McElhiney’s family members, “Sometimes there’s nothing I can say. I can’t imagine the pain you’ve gone through.”

Tucker looked straight ahead and didn’t show any emotion when McElhiney’s family spoke in court today and didn’t make any comments before he was sentenced.

He will be eligible for parole in several years.

Many major media outlets have publicly confessed that they have a policy of censoring black crime.

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