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Outrage as St. Louis Mayor Slay downplays racial lynching murder of Zemir Begic

by Kyle Rogers

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay prostituted himself out to the race pimps and the left-wing media today. He joined with St. Louis Police Chief Dotson in declaring that the gruesome racially motivated hammer murder of Zemir Begic was not actually motivated by racial hatred.

Francis Slay stated “There is no evidence that this was a crime occasioned by the race or ethnicity of the victim. Speculation that this attack had anything to do with the Ferguson protests is absolutely unfounded.”

Four to five black males, armed with hammers, attacked a random white male around midnight Saturday. That victim was able to fight off his attackers and only suffer minor cuts. Then, at about 1:00 AM Sunday morning they were seen running down Gravois shouting “f$%k the white people” and “kill the white people.” Then they began beating on a car occupied by three white people. One of the occupants was 32 year old Zemir Begic. He was smashed in the face with two different hammers and killed.

The media, the local police, and now even the mayor are desperately trying to downplay the gruesome murder. They are all claiming that the decision by the black perpetrators to attack people with hammers occurred in a political and racial vacuum. They claim that it is a coincidence that the black males only attacked white people.

White people have reacted with outrage to Slay’s transparently disingenuous proclamation. Facebook exploded with widespread condemnation of the mayor.

This is how the St. Louis black newspaper views Mayor Slay.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has insulted the intelligence of every single white person in his city. He has prostituted himself out to the very people who hate his guts. To further show that he was a political prostitute, Mayor Slay posted “please acknowledge the strength and courage” of Micheal Brown, Sr.

The RiverCity Xaminer, the St. Louis black newspaper routinely denounces Slay. They call him “Slayver,” and characterize him as a racist slave master. The Xaminer filmed an entire documentary called “Bootlicker” to denigrate black supporters of Slay.

St. Louis Mayor Slay once witnessed a brutal black on white racially motivated mob attack. Slay and a police officer, assigned to be his body guard, probably saved the victim’s life. The attackers fled when they saw the Mayor and the police officer approach. The victim was seriously injured and already unconscious. Slay and the police officer stopped the attack, probably seconds before the white victim would have otherwise been killed.

Later, the militant far-left prosecutor Jennifer Joyce refused to prosecute the black perpetrators. She claimed there was not enough evidence, even though Mayor Slay himself said he would testify against them himself. Joyce is the same prosecutor that went on St. Louis television and insinuated that she would charge critics of Obama with criminal libel! The CofCC caused Joyce to be denounced and mocked nationwide.

One of the black males that Joyce refused to prosecute was later shot and killed when he tried to burglarize a home. If Joyce had not protected him from prosecution, he would have been in juvenile detention instead of burglarizing houses.

St. Louis, MO has been ground zeros for brutal black on white racially motivated violence for the past several years. This website has reported on dozens of black on white racially motivated mob attacks and murders. Mayor Slay has personally witnessed this racially motivated violence with his own eyes. Mayor Slay has witnessed a far-left prosecutor refuse to prosecute black perpetrators of black on white hate crime violence.

Someone who personally helped stop a racially motivated black on white mob attack, that nearly took the life of the white victim, should be particularly sensitive about black on white crime.

So why is St. Louis Mayor Slay insulting our intelligence by pretending that black people attacking white people, screaming “kill the white people,” is not racially motivated?