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Panola County DA finally admits there is a gang problem

Two men appear to be doing gang signs in from the gas station that Jessica Chambers was last seen at.

District Attorney John Champion previously denied the existence of gangs in Panola County when discussing the Jessica Chambers case. However, scores of gang style photos have now been pulled off of the public Facebook accounts of local residents.

When pressed about the flood of gang pictures, District Attorney John Champion finally admitted there is a gang problem. However, he downplayed it as a problem every county has. Then he states that the 35k person rural county has had multiple gang related murders.

Some of the material from Facebook has been extremely shocking. Local resident Jerrick Todd publicly called for police officers, judges, and prosecutors to “burn on the banks of the Mississippi river.” This was posted after the murder of Jessica Chambers and greeted with 76 likes before he deleted it. Todd also had a drawing on his Facebook page joking about black on white sexual assault.

Another resident, identifying herself as Teanna Rudd, publicly called for the children of law enforcement to be raped and set on fire just one day before the murder of Jessica Chambers.

Some media outlets are now reporting that gang pictures from local residents are coming from “hacked social media accounts.” In fact, all the material is from public accounts that the users were sharing with the whole world.