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Post-Christmas “flash mob” race riots in five cities.

Last year, black teenagers organized pre-planned riots at numerous large malls the day after Christmas. This year, the riots were repeated, but in new locations.

The rioting is pre-planned and advertised on twitter and black social media websites. Young blacks then show up at the mall in huge numbers and procede to beat the crap out of each other, commit vandalism, and steal of shops.

Nationwide the media is CENSORING who rioted. Political correctness has been deemed far more important than public safety. Even “conservative” FOX News censored the race of the perps.

This year huge post-Christmas rioting took place in:


As many 250 young blacks massed in the Wolfchase Galleria Shopping and commenced mob fights and vandalism.


About 150 black teenagers massed at the Opry Mills Mall and proceeded to beat the crap out of each other.

Kansas City

Independence Mall was overwhelmed by about four hundred black teenagers who began beating each other. The Mall was shut down and police drove the black teenagers out of the mall. However, they continued to battle each other in the parking lot and across the street.


Monroeville Mall was used a set for the 1978 movie “Day of the Dead.” The day after Christmas looked like a real life “Day of the Dead.” It is estimated that as many as 1,000 young blacks engaged in massive mob battles all over the mall.


A post-Christmas event at Navy Pier was ruined when hundreds of young blacks rampaged through the area, engaged in fights, and shot of guns.