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Radical left demands statue of Jeff Davis be replaced with Mohammed Ali

Jonathan Miller is promoting anti-white hatred to further his political career.

Jonathan Miller is a radical left-wing Kentucky politician. He got his start working for Al Gore. He is the former State Treasurer of Kentucky.

He is demanding that a statue of Jeff Davis be removed and replaced with a statue of a black athlete. The purpose for this is to stir up anti-white hatred to keep black people going to the polls and voting Democrat in large numbers. The Democrats have been declining in popularity in Kentucky since Obama was elected. It is also so Miller can curry favor with national Democrats.

Miller is urging blacks and white leftists to sign a petition calling for the removal of the Jeff Davis statue at the  Kentucky State Capitol rotunda. He is calling for the statue to be replaced with a painting Muhammed Ali. He is a black athlete who converted to Islam. Miller says that a painting should be used instead of a statue, because Islam allegedly forbids making statues.

Miller, who is Jewish, is also the author of book urging the left to continue supporting Israel. It is called “The Liberal Case for Israel,” and it bombed on Many blacks now openly identify with the Muslim Arabs. An growing number of white leftists are attacking Israel as an “Apartheid State.”