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Black males open fire on white reporter and white pregnant woman in West Virginia

Sean Delancey wouldn’t describe his murderous at large attackers. Political correctness trumps public safety.

Update: Readers in Charleston, WV have verified that the perps were definitely black.

A white reporter was interviewing a white pregnant woman about a shooting in Charleston, WV. That is when they were shot at and forced to run for their lives. The reporter says he saw the gunman and about three accomplices. The media is censoring the race of the perps, only calling them “young men.”

The reporter states that he saw the perpetrators. Yet his own media outlet censored their description.

Think about that. They don’t want people to know the description of murderous at large suspect that the say attempted to kill one of their own reporters. This webmaster called WCHS on the phone and they wouldn’t even tell me! I also called Charleston police, but was only able to talk to an answering machine. I left several messages for Sean Delancey, but he wouldn’t call me back.

The race of the suspects in the previous shooting that Delancey was reporting on is also censored. Numerous media outlets openly admit to censoring the race of black crime suspects. The Associated Press, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Newark Star-Ledger, Orlando Sentinel, and many more newspapers and tv news affiliates admit to having a policy of censoring black crime.

Would you be surprised to learn that the shooting took place in the second blackest census tract in the entire state of West Virginia? 54% of the residents classified themselves as either black or mixed race.

It was almost certainly black perpetrators and WCHS is hiding it in the name of political correctness. Several pieces of circumstantial evidence would strongly indict that the perps were black. The perps were on foot and the surrounding area is over half black, black people commit murder at 9 times the white rate, and black shooters are statistically much more likely to act at the spur of the moment while white shooters are statistically more likely to have planned out the shooting for a long time.