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SPLC: “sick & wrong” to mention that writer was killed in hate crime

On November 25th, “White Privilege” author David Ruenzel, who writes for the SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance Magazine, was killed in an unprovoked racial hate crime.

He was hiking in a park in Oakland Hills, the eastern side of Oakland, CA. The suspects are two black males.

For nine days the SPLC, which claims it is committed to fighting “racism,” would not even acknowledge that Ruenzel was dead. They were busy hyping “Transgender Day” and fictional right-wing boogymen, but didn’t even mention that their white friend had been murdered at random by black males.

When the SPLC finally mentioned his death, it was only to denounce Colin Flaherty and for pointing out that David Ruenzel had in fact written articles for the SPLC. The SPLC called it “twisted,” “sick & wrong,” “no decency,” “bottom of the racist barrel,” and “gutteral nastiness” to merely mention that a racial hate crime victim was an SPLC writer.

According to the SPLC it was “sick and wrong” for Colin Flaherty and to have the audacity to inform the public that an SPLC writer had been the victim of a hate crime murder. The SPLC claims that when blacks attack white people at random it is “a coincidence factor” and not actually a “hate crime.”

It is truly bizarre that the only way the SPLC has even mentioned their fallen friend is in the context of denouncing others as “racist” for reporting that he had died. The statement by Heidi Beirich-Hicks indicates that the SPLC simply did not want to ever mention that David Ruenzel, one of their own writers, had died. The SPLC glosses over David Ruenzel’s death as “a possible robbery.”

Heidi Beirich-Hicks and the SPLC present a narrative on hate crimes that is astronomically out of touch with reality. Recently, the SPLC jointly worked on a documentary with MSNBC where they claimed white people were committing mob attacks against black people. The didn’t cite a single actual incident. Then they showed a fictional animated cartoon of what a white on black mob attack might look like. Meanwhile new black on white mob attacks are captured on video every single week.

From SPLC Spokeswoman Heidi Beirich-Hicks…

Rare is the day that I am shocked by something I read online. After all, I spend hours each day immersed in vile racist and anti-Semitic material. That’s my job. But a recent, particularly twisted article by Colin Flaherty on the website American Thinker was really just too much.

I’m not really sure what to say about something so sick and wrong, except that once in a while even I can’t stomach what I read for work. The first thing that comes to mind, though clearly far from original, is “have you no decency, sir?” Clearly, Flaherty does not.

According to his American Thinker byline, Colin Flaherty is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it. The book, published by the crazed conspiracy theory site WorldNetDaily, says it documents “black mob violence,” a favorite topic of racists nationwide who see themselves as the victims of a race war against white people.

I expect that guttural nastiness to appeal to Stormfronters. But Flaherty’s “work” on black violence apparently has friends in higher places. His book is endorsed by former Congressman Allen West, former far right radio host Neil Boortz, and The National Rview’s Thomas Sowell.

Now that is truly tragic.