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St. Louis Police Chief lied. Perps screamed “kill the white people” before murder

St. Louis police Chief Sam Dotson (@ChiefSLMPD) claimed that when black teenagers attacked three white people with hammers, killing one, it was not motivated by “race of ethnicity.”

A witnesses says the perps were screaming “kill the white people” and “f$%ck the white” people right before the attack.

Dotson is on video telling protesters “there was no evidence to indicate the victim was chosen because he was Bosnian.” This was an insulting and disingenuous statement. The killers would not have cared if he was Bosnia, German, or Irish, only that he was white.

Later in the evening the St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted the chief as denying that the murder was motivated by “race or ethnicity.”

So there was specific evidence that the hammer attacks were racially motivated and Dotson simply lied about it.

St. Louis PD was able to arrest two of the perps quickly because of eyewitnesses. Police would have known what the perps were screaming from interviewing witnesses. Chief Sam Dotson knew this when he insulted our intelligence claiming the attacks were not racially motivated.

This video was taken of the aftermath of the attack and includes commentary by a witness.

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