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Taliban slaughters 135, mostly children, at Pakistani Military Academy

Between six and ten members of the Taliban took over a a Pakistani Military Academy. When government troops moved in they began setting off explosive booby traps and then blowing themselves up with explosive vests.

When the battle was over, all ten members of the Taliban were dead, but so were 135 other people. Most of the dead are between the ages of 12 and 16. As many as a hundred other people are injured.

The US war on terror has pushed Pakistan to the brink of all out civil war between the government and hardline Wahhabists.

The Taliban has publicly claimed responsibility for the bloodbath. The attack was aimed directly at getting revenge against members of the Pakistani military.

For the past year, we have seen that Sunni Jihadists are trying to re-shape the future by slaughtering the children of the enemies. In Europe they just gang rape the children of their enemies, they haven’t begun mass murders yet.


A deadly, hours-long siege of a school in northwest Pakistan ended Tuesday evening with all the Taliban militants responsible killed, at least 130 people — most of them children — dead and a country once again grasping for answers after a horrific attack.

Six suicide bombers scaled the walls of Army Public School and Degree College in the violence-plagued city of Peshawar around 10 a.m. (midnight ET) intent on killing older students there, according to Mohammed Khurrassani, a spokesman for the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, or Pakistan Taliban.

These Taliban had “300 to 400 people … under their custody” at one point, Khurrassani said.

Pakistani troops responded, fending off gunfire and improvised explosive devices planted by terrorists as they went through the compound, building by building, room by room. By 4 p.m., they had managed to confine the attackers to four buildings, and a few hours later, Peshawar police Chief Mohammad Aijaz Khan said that all of them were dead.

On a typical day, the Army Public School and Degree College is home to up to 1,000 students, most of them sons and daughters of army personnel from around Peshawar. The boys and girls attend classes in different buildings on the compound.

How many of them will go home to their families alive remained in question Tuesday night, as Pakistani troops went room by room.

The Pakistani military had said that most students and teachers managed to evacuate the complex before being targeted or taken by the Taliban.

But many could not.

Students said gunmen walked through where students in grades 8, 9 and 10 have classes and began firing randomly, said Dr. Aamir Bilal of Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital. Seventh-grader Mohammad Bilal said he was sitting outside his classroom taking a math test when the gunfire erupted.

“They were making exclamations of ‘God is great.’ Then one of them proclaimed that ‘A lot of the children are under the benches; kill them,’ ” recalled another student, 14-year-old Ahmed Faraz, from Lady Reading Hospital. “They climbed the benches and started firing at the children. “

Most of those killed were between the ages of 12 and 16, said Pervez Khattak, chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, of which Peshawar is the capital

By 7 p.m., Lady Reading Hospital had already taken in 31 dead boys and another 45 injured boys, Bilal said. He described the condition of the injured as very serious, noting that many of them had gunshot wounds all over their bodies.