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The truth about interracial rape

Each year the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division of the Department of Justice, sends out a survey to a massive number of American citizens. They ask if the person has been a victim of a crime. This is called the National Victimization Crime Survey [NVCS]. It is considered the best crime statistics in the United States. Based on the sample size, the FBI estimates the total number of Americans who were victims of different types of crimes.

There are several misconceptions about the data on sexual assaults.

  1. The victims are male and female victims combined
  2. The total number is an estimate based on extrapolation, not a literal number of victims
  3. Zero, does not mean there were literally zero victims for that year, just zero in the sample
  4. The number does not include victims of multi-offender attacks (gang rape)
  5. The totals includes threats/attempts that did not result in a completed attack

If there were no victims of a certain kind of crime in the sample size, this creates a “statistical zero.” This does not mean that there were no victims of this type of crime for that year. To get the most accurate results, you must take an average of several years.

Some years you will get anomalies. For examples. In 2006, the “other” on black rapes are listed as 5,788. This number is not at all typical. For 2005 and 2007, the number of “other” on black rapes is a statistical zero. In 2006 and 2007, 0% of of multi-offender sexual assaults are listed as “mixed race.” In 2005, 44% of multi-offender assaults are listed as “mixed race.” That is because their are too few multi-offender sexual assaults to get consistent results in the sample size.

The percentage of multi-offender sexual assaults, in which the perpetrators are all black, is usually very high. The figure is 64% in 2006, 67% in 2007, 52% in 2008.

The figures below are estimates of single offender rape/sexual assault in which the victim is 12 or older.

Presently the FBI appears to have only published the full statistical tables up to year 2008. After that the FBI website only has smaller “bulletins” that do not include the full data.

From this data we find that blacks commit sexual assault against almost as many whites as blacks. However, white on black sexual assault is an extreme rarity.

Year 2003 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black:0
Black on White: 20,309
Black on Black: 21,104

Year 2004 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 11,610
Black on Black: 35,330

Year 2005 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black : 0
Black on White: 37,460
Black on Black: 36, 620

Year 2006 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 32, 443
Black on Black: 7,705

Year 2007 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 14,092
Black on Black: 12,780

Year 2008 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 19,292
Black on Black: 34,841

Total over six conservative years:

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 135,206
Black on Black: 148,380

Average over six consecutive years:

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 22,534
Black on Black: 24,730