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Tim Wise publicly brags about having committed serious crimes

web_trafficTim Wise is a regular on CNN and is widely promoted by other media outlets. He makes a lucrative living writing books claiming that black shortcomings are caused by the white man.

A while back he posted a series of violent message on twitter. He called on his followers to murder members of the Florida TEA Party movement. Wise also once wrote an article saying that he wanted conservative white people to die.

Despite his openly hate-filled and violent, murderous rhetoric, CNN continues to use him.

Tim Wise has said before that he grew up in a wealthy Jewish household in Nashville and became a Marxist activist in college. Now he has shed more light on his early years. On December 3rd, 2014 he publicly boasted of committing numerous serious crimes during his younger years.

Tim Wise bragged on twitter that he committed “Drug use, vandalism of govt property, running fake ID mill, theft, sale of stolen property — all before I was 20.” Wise used the hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite, which is supposed to insinuate that he got away with the crimes because he is white.