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Two more black on white murders suspected in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma has seen a shocking amount of black on white murders in the recent past. In November, two white females were shot and killed. Family members say they know who did it.

On November 26, Amanda Marie Drywater, 26, and Jennifer Lynn Sudar, 37, were shot and killed. Family members say Drywater’s husband, Larry Douglas Jr., is the killer. Douglas has not been arrested, but police recently obtained search warrants for his DNA and phone records.

White females with black male partners are 12.4 times more likely to be a victim of femicide than white females with white male partners.

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From Tulsa World…

Amanda Douglas’ father is confident he knows who killed his daughter, and he believes it’s the same man his daughter filed three petitions for protective orders against within the last year.

Larry Oscar Douglas Jr., Amanda’s husband, is an obvious person of interest in the case, police said, but they’ve found no evidence linking him to the crime.

Amanda Marie Douglas, 26, and Jennifer Lynn Sudar, 37, were gunned down in the parking lot of the Bristol Park Apartments, 4414 S. Garnett Road, on Nov. 26.

“They’re blaming me for something I didn’t do, you know, and that’s basically it,” Douglas told the Tulsa World in a telephone interview.

Search warrant returns were filed Tuesday showing police sought and obtained his DNA, fingerprints and phone records.
Six days and six miles

Amanda Douglas petitioned for a protective order against her husband six days before her death. In the document, she wrote Larry Douglas Jr. grabbed her by her arms and threw her down, causing her to pass out, when she tried to walk away from an argument on Nov. 9.

“Somehow I got away and I had to walk around six miles to get somewhere safe and have someone come get me,” she told the court.

She was granted an emergency protective order, her third against Larry Douglas since February, but was slain before a Dec. 3 hearing for a final order of protection.

“She was scared to leave him, definitely,” said Michael Drywater, Amanda’s father who lives in Pryor, in an interview with the World.

Court records show she also sought protective orders on Feb. 27 and June 23, alleging he had physically, mentally and emotionally abused her over the past five years, including choking her while she was pregnant.

He “threatened to make my life miserable, threatened to kill me and my whole family. He also threatened to beat me till I’m dead,” she alleged in the June petition.

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