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What conclusions can be drawn from these 300+ murders

white-victimsWe have created the biggest sample of black on white murders ever compiled in one list. Over 300 black on white murders that occurred in 2014.

What conclusion can be drawn?

We found over 300 black on white murders for 2014. So far we have found 3 white of black murders for 2014. We have even asked left-wing for help compiling white on black murders, and they have nothing.

1) The rate at which black people murder white people is well over 100 times the rate that white people murder black people. It may be as high as 500 times. Black on white murders are commonplace. White on black murders are an extreme rarity, even though there are five times as many white people as black people.

2) The FBI reports that 16-18% of white homicide victims are killed by a black perpetrator. We believe the percentage is higher. The majority of black on white murders appear to be random stranger killings. These types of killings are usually the hardest to solve. In many cities with large numbers of black on white stranger killings, there are more white victims of stranger killings in which the race of the perp is unknown. Since black on white killings tend to be random stranger killings, it stands to reason that white homicide victims, with an unknown perp, were killed by blacks at a higher rate than white homicide victims with a known perp.

3) The FBI reports that 6-7% of black homicide victims are killed by either a white or a Latino. The Federal government has no Latino offender category. All Latino offenders are listed as “white” in Federal murder statistics. So the term “white” means “white or Latino.” We can find many examples of blacks murdered by Latinos, especially in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. A large majority of the black homicide victims killed by a non-black appear to have been killed by a Latino. The percentage of black homicide victims killed by a non-black has been rising in conjunction with the rising population of Latinos. Twenty years ago data of murder victims put the percentage of black victims killed by a non-black at 3%.

Some black on black murders are even being classified as “white on black” in Federal statistics. We have found cases of black Puerto Ricans, as well as blacks from other Spanish speaking countries, being listed in as “white” offenders in crime data. There are large numbers of black Puerto Ricans in places like New York City and Philadelphia. They have committed many murders.

The actual percentage of black homicide victims killed by a white person is extremely small. Far smaller than the 7% listed on many cable news shows.

I’ll re-cap because this is confusing. In Federal crime statistics, the term “white offender” includes whites, Latinos, and many blacks from Spanish speaking countries like Puerto Rico. It also includes North Africans, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Albanians, and people from central Asian countries.

4) We found nine cases of white police officers that were murdered by blacks in 2014. We found five cases of white working at pizza shops and five cases of white driving tax cabs, that were murdered by blacks in 2014. We also found a case of a white male killed by blacks while delivering Chinese food. There may have been more that we don’t know about. There are far more whites working in law enforcement than pizza shops or driving taxi cabs. It is probably safe to conclude that white people working at a pizza shop or driving a tax cab were murdered at higher rates by blacks than white police officers.

5) Blacks who commit murder are less likely to be charged with 1st degree murder than Whites who commit murder. This is a known widely documented fact. However, when we were compiling this list we were shocked at the weak charges given to many perps. Many blacks who commit murder are never even charged with murder. If it takes the victim a while to die of his injuries, the perps will often be given lesser charges.

Here is one of the most outrageous cases:

On January 11th, 2014, two young black males and two young black females were driving around Reading, PA looking for a white person to beat up. 49 year old Robert Mohler was had been given permission to sleep inside a Laundromat. The four black teens spied him sleeping on the laundromat floor and decided to launch a premeditated lynching. The entire brutal assault was captured on surveillance video.

Mohler was taken to a hospital and treated for internal injuries and blows to his head. Two week later, Mohler died. The coroner ruled that he died of the injuries sustained from the pre-meditated lynching attack.

The prosecutor refused to charge the four perps with murder claiming that it would be too hard to prove how he really died.

For a pre-meditated lynching murder, the four perps were given a free pass. Instead they were only charged with aggravated assault.

Black perps getting shockingly weak charged for murder appear to be quite common.

6) Another conclusion that can be drawn is this. The very organizations who claim blacks live in fear of white people could not provide us with any actual white on black murders for 2014.

7) Black on white murders are occurring everywhere. We have found black on white murders that occurred in cities that are less than 1% white. We even found a black on white triple homicide that occurred in a tiny town where the US Census say only five black people live.

8) A major University study shows that white females with black males are 12.4 times more likely to be a victim of femicide than white females involved with white males. However, this does not tell the whole story. During our research we found numerous cases of white females dying of drug overdoses while they did drugs with black males. We also have numerous murders in our sample that are white females, killed by a black male, while they were in the company of a black boyfriend.

We also found two cases of a white female being murdered by a black male who was the brother of the victim’s boyfriend.

When white females date black males, it doesn’t just make them more likely to be killed by their boyfriend. It seems that the chances they will be murdered skyrockets in general. These same white females seem to die at high rates in general. We even found a case of a white female dying from “playing Russian roulette by herself,” in which the black boyfriend admits the gun discharged while it was in his hand! The prosecutor decided it was a bona fide accident.

We found 13 white murder victims who were killed by the black boyfriend of a family member or close friends. About half of these were young children of a mother who was dating a black male.