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White female killed execution style on the sidewalk in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, Oklahoma has seen a shocking number of black on white hate crime murders over the past few years.

Leslie Louise Griffin, 31, was killed execution style on the sidewalk in Tulsa on November 22nd. Police arrested a black male, Stephen Kyle Scyffore, yesterday for the murder.

There have been a shocking number of black on white hate crime/thrill kill murders in Tulsa over the past few years. None of them receive much media attention.

However, in 2012, a Cherokee Indian and a white male accomplice went on a rampage and shot multiple black victims. The ringleader has distinctive Asiatic facial features, including epicanthic eye folds, and is listed as “American Indian” on public records. However, the media gleefully described him as “white.” The story instantly became the single biggest news story in the entire Western world. It was reported as a major story in Finland! Even when pictures of the very non-white looking American Indian perp became widely circulated, the “mainstream” media continued to insist he was “white.” The ringleader’s father had been murdered by a black male and he wanted revenge.

Oklahoma is also home to the notorious “Wichita Massacre” in December of 2000. Two black males in Wichita, Kansas held five white people captive and brutally beat, raped, and sexually tortured them. Then they were all shot. One female victim survived, despite being shot in the head, run over with a car, and left naked in the snow. To this day, the “mainstream” media has ignored the heinous crime. It was one of the most shocking racially motivated hate crimes in story, and the media desperately doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

We also saw the racially motivated murder of Chris Lane in Oklahoma City in 2014. A group of black males shot and killed him for the fun of it. One of the perps posted on twitter that he was attacking white people to get revenge for Trayvon Martin. The story only say the light of day, because the victim was visiting from Australia and it became a major media story in Australia. Then the US “mainstream” media ran fake stories claiming the murder was not racially motivated. This website helped blow the lid the off of the “mainstream” media hoax by finding and publishing incendiary racial content from two of the perps on social media.

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