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White female pulled from car and brutally beaten in St. Louis

A 26 year old woman was pulled out of her car and brutally beaten by three black males yelling racial abuse. The victim is a Bosnian and the attack took place near the Bevo Mills neighborhood of St. Louis.

The St. Louis Metro police say they are treating the attack as a hate crime. The heavily Bosnian Bevo Mills neighborhood has been under assault from vicious racially motivated black on white crime. Last week, Zemir Begic, a 32 year old Bosnian man, was killed by hammer wielding black teens yelling “kill the white people.

After the murder, the mayor of St. Louis and the St. Louis Police Chief infuriated whites by adamantly denying that the murder was racially motivated.

From St. Louis Police:

Incident: Robbery 1st

Location: 4600 block of Lansdowne

Date/Time: 12/5/14 @ 05:25

Bosnian FlagVictim: 26-year old white female

Suspect(s): Three unknown black males, late teens-early 20s
​The victim stated she was driving in the 4600 block of Lansdowne when three unknown suspects walked in front of her vehicle. When the victim attempted to drive around them, the suspects displayed a firearm and ordered her to stop her vehicle, to which she complied. One of the suspects then approached the driver’s side, produced an object, possibly a crowbar, and struck the windshield of her vehicle. The suspects then ordered the victim to exit her vehicle. The victim refused and one of the suspects pulled her out of the car. During this time, another suspect opened the passenger side door of the vehicle, went through the victim’s purse and stated that it was empty. One of the suspects then pushed the victim to the ground and kicked her. All three suspects then fled the scene. A passerby located the victim on the ground and contacted this department. EMS responded, however the victim refused further medical treatment and said she would visit a hospital at a later time. As of now, officers are investigating this incident as a “bias crime” based on the victim’s account of the incident. The investigation is ongoing.