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White pizza delivery driver slaughtered in racial hate crime

A 26 year old white male was slaughtered while delivering pizzas in Lorain, Ohio by a black male. Police say the perp also had accomplices. The media is downplaying it as “a robbery.” The killer did not obtain anything of value. The main motivation was a desire to kill a white man.

This webmaster personally knows a white pizza delivery driver who was the victim of an attempted murder in Columbus, Ohio in the 90s. He was returning to his car when two armed black males walked in between him and his vehicle. They said “your going to die white boy” and opened fire. One of the perps hit him in the arm. He only survived because the second perp couldn’t get his gun to fire. The second perped pulled the trigger repeatedly but nothing happened. The victim punched the perp in the face with his remaining good arm and both perps fled.

White people are being murdered daily in racial hate crime attacks and the media is desperate to keep it hidden.