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White protester brutally bashed with a hammer at Eric Garner protest

Update: Video of the hammer attack has emerged on youtube.

Violent rioting and looting broke out during a protest for Eric Garner and Mike Brown in Berkeley, CA.

Once again, another white man who wanted to join the protesters, was brutally attacked for being white. This time, the victim was bashed in the head with a hammer!

Police say the man was bashed in the head with a hammer along Martin Luther King Blvd. The man had written “Police: Stop Killing Black Men” and other messages on his shirt.

The perps didn’t care that he was trying to show support for their “cause.” They simply wanted to cause serious bodily harm to a white person. Any white person would do.

In Ferguson, multiple far-left white protesters have been brutally attacked for being white. At least two were hospitalized.

At least half a dozen members of the media have been attacked in Ferguson, even though the media is mostly on their side. Media personnel who have been attacked include white, Asian, and Latino victims.

Whites who are brutally attacked for being white at these protests are thrown under the bus by other far-left whites on twitter. Some will even tweet that the white victim must have done something to provoke the attack.


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