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family_guyFor the past 24 hours twitter has been transformed into a giant nationwide orgy of hatred towards white people. This is being fueled by the media. For example, the hashtag #crimingwhilewhite is now trending worldwide. This hashtag is for people to propagate conspiratorial claims that white people commit crime at rates as high as black people, but are given a free pass because they are white. It was one of the top hashtags on twitter yesterday and is now gone worldwide today.

The explicitly anti-white hashtag is being gleefully promoted on taxpayer funded National Public Radio, Huffington Post, British Sky News, and others. It is also being promoted by black celebrities like Montel Williams.

Young Americans, of all races, are being taught that it is trendy and hip to denigrate, insult, mock, and espouse a general hatred for white people.

A show of force opposing anti-white racial hatred is desperately needed. Everyone,and I mean everyone, should immediately tweet to #WhiteLivesMatter right now.