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7 year old nearly killed in apparent racially motivated attack

A seven year old was nearly killed when a group of “teens” hurled a cement block at him for the fun of it. The boy was sitting in a car alone while his parents were running an errand.

The boy appears to be a fair-skinned Latino.

The media is CENSORING the race of the perps. Typical of Chicago, every single media outlet is refusing to report the race of the suspects. They are only saying that it was “three teens” or “three teens aged 13 to 18.”

This style of attack is almost always committed by blacks, and is usually motivated by racial hatred. The media in Chicago believes that protecting the image of young black males is more important than public safety.

Across the country dozens of white people have been murdered by young blacks who hurled rocks or other objects through the windows of their car. This style of attack is the main reason that cities all over America began putting up fences to protect overpasses near black neighborhoods.

The attack took place in a mostly Hispanic census tract, but is right near the border of the notorious all black South Side.

FOX 32 News Chicago