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Al Sharpton: News Corp pays me money!

Al Sharpton just stated, in an interview with, that despite the “Shakedown” expose in the New York Post, the parent company of the Post also pays him money.

News Corp is the media empire owned by Rupert Murdoch. It owns most of the newspapers in Australia and a lot of media in Europe. It also owns Fox News and the New York Post in the USA.

While Fox News and the New York Post are referred to as “conservative” outlets, most of what News Corp owns in far-left. Murdoch has personally boasted about being left-wing.

Al Sharpton explicitly named Rupert Murdoch as the source of the money.

This website reported on the relationship between Rupert Murdoch and Al Sharpton back in 2009.

In 2009 Rupert Murdoch invited Al Sharpton’s NAN and the NAACP to police his media empire. Murdoch created the “diversity communal council,” which consists of semi-annual meetings between News Corp execs and leaders of the NAN and NAACP. Murdoch is

Some of the other companies showered Al Sharpton with money include:

General Motors
American Honda
Plainfield Asset Management

Al Sharpton and his multiple organization owe a combined $4.5 million in back state and Federal taxes.

From Daily Caller…

But in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Sharpton’s central defense was that News Corp — the company that owns the New York Post — also fills his coffers.

“I am not going to let them get around the fact that their company has been involved, has donated money, had us on their board of diversity.”

 “Why are they doing it?” he asked. “Are they being shaken down?”

“I am not prepared to do anything but to say that Rupert Murdoch has given, through News Corp, money to us and that we’re on the board, on their, have been on their diversity board. I am going to force you to use the quote I give you because that is the only quote I am giving you.”


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