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Another terror attack in Paris, two shot

Photo from Reuters


Clarissa Jean-Philippe, a black female police officer, was shot and killed in Paris today. A second man was shot in the face while he fought with the gunman.

The gunman is believed to be another Jihadi. He was North African in appearance. He was wearing body armor and had a military style weapon.

The UK Daily Mail described his weapon an “M5,” whatever that is. Bullets dropped at the scene are clearly 7.62×39 rounds used by Kalashnikov rifles.

France is still recoiling from the Jihadi terror attack in Paris yesterday. The perpetrators were all second generation Algerians. One of the perps had been convicted of supporting terrorism in 2008. A total of twenty-three people were shot, and twelve of them died.

One of the perps has turned himself in. The other two are said to be surrounded by French police right now.