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40,000 march against Islam in Dresden

On Saturday, about 10,000 people gathered in Dresden to denounce PEGIDA and show solidarity with Muslim immigrants. The rally was supported by all the establishment political parties, including the neo-conservative CDU.

The German press relentlessly claimed that 35,000 people attended. Photographs and video show a far smaller crowd. The German Minister of Justice, a member of the Socialist Party, declared that PEGIDA had been rejected and demanded they cancel their marches for tonight.

Instead, PEGIDA held their biggest march ever in Dresden. Organizers say 40,000 people participated in the march and rally. Photographs show a crowd that is dramatically larger than the anti-PEGIDA event held by establishment parties on Saturday.

Even the BBC, which has been airing anti-PEGIDA segments, concede that “tens of thousands” participated in the PEGIDA march.

It is being reported that several hundred members of violent Marxist groups tried to disrupt the march, but were pushed out of the way.

PEGIDA is backed by AfD, a new conservative party that opposes Muslim immigration. AfD won 11% of the seats in of the parliament of Saxony in August 2014 election. Dresden is the capitol of Saxony.