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Autopsy of an NAACP bombing hoax

Note: If you consider yourself an “activist,” surely you can find the time to e-mail the Colorado Springs Gazette and demand that they report on the photographic evidence that the “bomb damage” is a hoax. Send your e-mails to,,,, and If you don’t want to compose your own message, you can just copy and paste this open letter.

Autopsy of an NAACP bombing hoax.
by Kyle Rogers

Morning of January 6th:

Gene Southerland, owner of Mr. G’s Barbershop in Colorado Springs, CO calls the police to report a “loud boom.”

At 11:49 AM the Colorado Springs Gazette reports a suspicious “loud boom” outside a barborshop. Police find a red gas can with the cap screwed on.

Gene Southerland tells police and media that he heard what sounded like a shotgun blast. He said that a few plastic bottles vibrated off of a shelve. Southerland told media that police told him an explosion occurred near a can of gas.

Afternoon of January 6th:

On the opposite side of the building is an NAACP office. The NAACP then calls the FBI, run by Eric Holder who routinely speaks at NAACP events, to request that they investigate the incident as a possible attack on the NAACP building.

According to the Gazette, FBI arrived at the scene in the afternoon. This means the FBI arrived on the scene within hours. Usually, victims have to lobby the FBI for days or weeks to receive their help. Yet, the NAACP receives instantaneous assistance from the FBI.

The Gazette then doctors up their story. It goes from being a “loud boom” outside a barbershop to an “attempted bombing of an NAACP office.” The Gazette admitted to doctoring the story on their twitter account.

NAACP leader Henry Allen Jr. tells media that someone tried to blow up a gas can. He shows media a black stain on the wall along the barbershop. The black stain is on the opposite side of the building that houses the NAACP office. The sign for the NAACP is on the exact opposite corner of the building from the black stain.

January 7th:

Black power activists and white Marxist tweet #NAACPbombing over 100,000 times on twitter. Many claim that the media is hiding the “bombing.” Thousands of tweets demand equal coverage for the “bombing” as the Jihadist massacre in Paris was receiving.

January 8th:

FBI spokeswoman Amy Sanders announces that the incident is being investigated as a possible attempted bombing or attempted arson. This was based on a theory that someone tried to ignite a gas can. She declined to answer a question about how much gas was actually in the can. She said the FBI had no real indication of who the target was, but the NAACP was one possibility.

James Queally, a man who once told me over the phone that he censors black crime, writes an article for the national news section of the LA Times. He falsely claims that “minor damage” occurred to the NAACP office.

MSNBC airs a photograph of an unrelated building in France that was damaged by a firebomb and puts the caption “NAACP BOMBING.” MSNBC would later claim that the picture was “an accident.”

The far-left online media outlet Think Progress reported that an NAACP office had bombed, and posted a photograph of a different NAACP office that was actually bombed 51 years ago.

January 9th – 10th:

A police sketch of a white male seen in the area is released.

Major newspapers and online media outlets churn out wild fantastical claims about an “NAACP Bombing.” Few publish the photographs of the black stain, because it conflicts with the narrative that the NAACP office if fact suffered actual damage.

The fact that the black stain appears on the Barbershop wall and not the NAACP office’s wall is largely ignored.

Evening of January 10th:

On the evening of January 10th, it is discovered that the Google Maps has a picture of the same area of the building that was taken in September of 2014. A similar looking black stain is present on the exact same spot four months prior. Claims that the black stain resulted from “bomb damage” is proven to be a hoax.

Google maps also shows a black male who appears to be using a gas powered leaf blower along the sidewalk. This re-enforces the fact that the mystery gas can could have come from anyone.

January 11th:

The Colorado Springs Gazette publishes a staff editorial agitating racial animosity against white people. At this time the Gazette has published at least ten articles, three videos, and staff editorial on their website hyping the incident.

However, coverage of the bombing mostly comes to a halt.

January 12th – 13th:

The “mainstream” goes completely silent about the bombing. However, none of the media outlets that hyped false claims have published any retractions.

No “mainstream” media outlets have ever published the Google Maps photo exposing the entire story as a hoax.


The so-called “bomb damage” is an absolute hoax. The black stain comes from something else. Maybe from the vent. Maybe from the roof overhang in that spot. Whatever caused the black stain appearing in September, 2014 is the same thing that caused the black stain that appears in the same spot now.

What there ever an attack on the building? I find this unlikely. At worst there could have been an act of harassment. It seems very unlikely that there was any attempt to bomb or burn down the building.

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