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Black males execute random white college student in St. Louis, MO

Bobby Christman, was slaughtered in front of a downtown St. Louis museum. Black males shot him at random.

Three black males surrounded a carload of white people in Downtown St. Louis. One of them opened the car door and shot Bobby Christman in the head. He died shortly after. Then one of the perps engaged in a gun battle with police.

The St. Louis media is desperately trying to downplay the terrorist attack as “a botched robbery attempt.”

Bobby Christman, a 19 year old college student, was shot in the head while sitting in the front passenger seat of the car. Two other people were in the car. A 17 year old white male and a 19 year old white female.

St. Louis was the scene of a gruesome racially motivated lynching murder on November 30th. Zemir Begic was attacked by a group of black teenagers who were yelling “kill the white people.” They smashed his face in with a hammer, killing him.

Then, just three days later, a group of black males stormed a bar full of older white patrons. The bar had a reputation for being a hangout for current and retired police. A elderly white female was shot in the head execution style and killed. Then the perps shot and wounded several other white victims.

Some of the recent  Black on White murders in Missouri (St. Louis murders are in bold). As you can see, the victims of random black on white hate crimes are really piling up.

12/28/14 – Nicholas R. Preuitt, 28, was shot and killed by a black male in a parking garage in Kansas City, MO.

12/2/14 – Diana Lawrence, 63, was shot execution style by three black males in a bar. St. Louis, MO. They also wounded three other white victims. Suspects have been charged.

11/30/14 – Zemir Begic, 32, was killed in by a group of black males wielding hammers and yelling “kill the white people.” St. Louis, MO. The same perps also attacked others.

10/31/14 – Nathan Lavin, 34, was shot and killed by a black male in St. Louis, MO. The perp also shot his two dogs.

9/2/14 – A black male kills five white people in a spree shooting in Kansas City, MO. The same suspect is accused of murdering two white teenagers in 1998.

George Taylor, 80
Ann Taylor, 86
Susan Choucroun, 69
Lorene Hurst, 88
Darrel Hurst, 63

6/4/14 – Laura Bachman, 24, was beaten to death in her St. Louis, MO home. Her black boyfriend was charged.

3/1/14 – Nicholas Kapusniak, 20, was shot by a black male in downtown St. Louis, MO.