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Black People’s Grand Jury sports Hammer and Sickle emblems

The head of the so-called “Black People’s Grand Jury” in Ferguson, MO sported a Soviet Hammer & Sickle while conducting a media interview.

A second man, who is part of the group, also sported the same emblem on St. Louis television.

The leader of the “BlackPeople’s Grand Jury” is Omali Yeshitela. He was active in the pro-Communist Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee [SNCC] in the 60s. The group claimed that destruction of property was “non-violent.” The group was closely connected to the Black Panther Party. They organized rallies to defend members of the Black Panther Party when they got arrested, even if it was for murder.

Yeshitela later founded of the African People’s Socialist Party, and the Uhuru Movement.

The term Uhuru was used in African in the 60s and 70s, largely by people who engaged in campaign of murder against white colonists. When white colonialists were murdered, it was called “fighting for Uhuru.”

American black militants claim Uhuru means “freedom.” However, the word is always used in the context of violence and race war.