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#BlackBrunch escalates to violent mob attack in St. Paul

We recently reported that two different white males were victims of racially motivated black on white mob attacks in St. Paul, MN on January 19th. It turns out that this is just the tip of the iceberg. St. Paul police say there have been many attacks. The attacks have been occurring on a regular basis since last September.

Remember #BlackBrunch? This website has been reporting that the #BlackBrunch protests would naturally lead to flat out violent attacks of white people at restaurants. It has already happened in St. Paul.

Nine young black males and female stormed into a restaurant. They grabbed food, drinks, and a cell phone from a tables. Then a black female viciously assaults a white female customer. The group then runs out the door.

The St. Paul local media is CENSORING the attacks. They refuse to state that the perpetrators are black. Watch as KSPT goes out of their way to depict a black pedestrian as being a potential victim. All of the attacks, in which we know the race of the victim, have been against white people.