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#BlackBrunch is growing. White diners harassed in NYC, STL, Oakland, and Chicago

In Chicago, militants photographed each other invading the table of white patrons.

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Sunday, January 4th, militant black power activists stormed into five different restaurants in Manhattan during Sunday brunch. In each restaurant they chanted black power slogans and screamed hysterically at white patrons. The militants took large amounts of photographs to post on twitter, calling themselves #BlackBrunch. The militants claimed they were “confronting white supremacy.”

The pictures triggered a huge backlash, with tens of thousands of tweets from whites and blacks alike denouncing their actions. Even the liberal media has given them negative press.

Nevertheless, they have continued their actions and inspired copycats in St. Louis, MO, Oakland, CA, and Chicago.

In Chicago, the copycats actually pulled up chairs to people’s tables and stared at them while they ate.

Once again, they were met with ridicule and condemnation on twitter. However, the phenomenon does not appear to be going away.

#BlackBrunch is part of an ongoing escalation of militant, confrontational tactics. They are partially inspired by a segment on MSNBC which urged black people to go to “white safe havens” and “make white people feel uncomfortable.”