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#BlackLivesMatter protests at the home of new Jewish Mayor of Oakland

Oakland has always been a center for extreme black power movements. It was even the scene of mass murder in the 70s, when a Nation of Islam splinter group killed dozens of white people.

In the pre-dawn hours of Martin Luther King day, dozens of black power activists gathered in front of the home of Oakland Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf. They screamed hysterically, chanted, danced, wrote messages with chalk, and pounded on the front door. They called their protest #WakeUpTheMayor.

They spent about two hours screaming and chanting outside of Schaaf’s home.

The protesters accused Schaaf, who is Jewish, of being a pro-Israel capitalist.

Schaaf’s husband eventually answered the door. They gave him a flyer decorated with black fists. It told Schaaf to “end your relationship with Israel” and crack down on the police. It demanded that the entire Oakland University police department be dissolved.

The flyer also denounced capitalism in general and called for 80% of the city operating budget to be re-allocated to public schools. Oakland public schools already receive over $12,000 per student student per year to operate. It is among the most lavishly funded school districts in the entire state.

Libby Schaaf was elected on November 4, 2014. She is a liberal Democrat. The previous Mayor is an Asian female. In late January, black power activists put posters of Schaaf up with a Nazi Party Swastika insignia on her forehead. The posters referenced eminent domain.

Inspired by the so-called #BlackBrunch offensive, Oakland black power activists also “invaded” a grocery store and screamed hysterically. On twitter, one of the participants vowed “no comfortable grocery shopping until we get Justice.”

The is all part of an ongoing escalation of militant, confrontational tactics. They are partially inspired by a segment on MSNBC which urged black people to go to “white safe havens” and “make white people feel uncomfortable.”