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BUSTED! Photographic evidence that NAACP “bombing” is a hoax

The photo at right is a picture of the alleged damage caused by the so-called “bombing” of the NAACP office in Colorado Springs, CO.

The photos below were taken by Google Maps on September 2014. A very similar black mark is present on the building in the exact same spot. The photo of the “bomb damage” perfectly fits within the larger black mark photographed on September 2014.

Click here to see for yourself.

The photo by Google Maps is extremely compelling evidence that the story is a hoax.

The NAACP might be burning leaves in that back corner. Or, the change in the roof right above the black mark is creating some sort of stain.

The so-called “bombing” is being hyped by the left. MSNBC was forced to apologize for using a fake picture. They used a picture of a firebomb attack in France as the picture of the NAACP office.

The story received national news after being hyped by far-left reporter James Queally in the National News section of the LA Times. The same reporter once openly admitted to this webmaster that he censors black on white crime.

The whole story began to unravel when photos of the “damage” were, and showed nothing more than a black stain. Then a diagram in the Colorado Springs Gazette showed that the “bomb” went off along the outside wall of a barber shop, not the actual NAACP headquarters.naacp-bombing-barber-shop