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Catholic Bishop silences priest for speaking at PEGIDA rally

A Catholic priest, who spoke at a PEGIDA rally, has been stripped of his authority as a priest by Felix Genn, the Bishop of Münster. Father Paul Spätling told a PEGIDA rally that Islam has waged a 1,400 year war on Europe. He mentioned that Turkish armies once made it all the way to Vienna.

The Diocese of Münster is in Northwestern Germany and covers the Cologne metropolitan area. It has about 1,260 priests. Nearly half of the Diocese is Catholic, but Church attendance is in a free fall collapse. The Diocese has been losing about 10% of their Sunday attendance a year.

Bishop Felix Glenn is known as a left-winger. When the PEGIDA march took place, he turned out the lights of the Cologne Cathedral to protest PEGIDA. Glenn denounced Spätling for ” promoting right-wing ideologies and xenophobia.” Glenn banned Father Spätling from preaching inside or outside a Catholic church.

Fans of Father Spätling say he was the one priest that could have gotten Germans to come back to Sunday Mass. Critics say this is another self-inflicted nail in the Church’s own coffin.

Pegida Demonstration in Duisburg