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Chechnya is about to blow. Hundreds of thousands march against Muhammed cartoons

Russia has fought two wars with the breakaway Muslim dominated province of Chechnya in the 1990s. With the entire Islamic world on fire, Chechnya is rising up again.

Chechnya has played a prominent role in exporting Jihadists. Chechen Jihadists were very active in Kosovo in the 90s. Today, hundreds of Chechens fight in Syria as members of al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Boston Marathon terrorist attack in the US was carried out by two Chechen brothers.

In the 90s, the USA and Turkey inserted al-Qaeda fighters from Afghanistan into Chechnya to fight Russia.

In the Chechen capitol of Grozny, hundreds of thousands of people attended a rally called “Love for the Prophet Muhammad.” The rally was billed as opposing “Muhammed cartoons.” Many carried signs that read “I am not Charlie.” Many carried black banners that mimicked the flag of al-Qaeda.

Hundreds of thousands chanted “Allahu Akbar” in unison. Speakers denounced Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Russia estimates the population of Chechnya at only 1,268,000. Despite this, Russian media is estimating the rally at 800,000 people.

It is widely feared that Chechnya will become a radical Islamic state and a springboard for Jihad in the Caucus.

Video of the entire rally.