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David Cameron orders flag to half mast for brutal Saudi dictator

Flags flew at half mast at key British government buildings for the brutal dictator of Saudi Arabia.

David Cameron and Prince Charles rushed to Saudi Arabia to honor the oppressive tyrant.

The dictator will be replaced by his 79 year old half brother. The Saud family is kept in power by a Wahhabist cult. It is the result of a 270 year old “pact” between the Saud family and the founder of Wahhabism.

Wahhabism is an orthodox form of Sunni Islam.

From UK Daily Mail…

There was anger and disbelief yesterday that flags were lowered to half mast over Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament to mark the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – despite his country’s shameful record on human rights.

David Cameron, Barack Obama and Tony Blair were among those who made gushing tributes to the authoritarian and hugely powerful monarch of the world’s biggest oil producing country.

Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Charles would join Mr Cameron in flying to Saudi Arabia today to pay their condolences personally alongside a host of world leaders.

But the decision to lower flags to half mast over public buildings – also including Westminster Abbey – triggered a bitter backlash with widespread criticism that the monarch, who died aged 90, had done little to stop the regular public beheadings and floggings handed out by the authorities.

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson condemned the decision to fly flags at half mast as ‘a steaming pile of nonsense’. She added that it was a ‘stupid act on its own and a stupid precedent to set’.

Author Tom Holland wrote: ‘Hooray for British hypocrisy! Flags at 1/2-mast in Whitehall 4 the king of a country that lashes bloggers & executes converts 2 Christianity.’

And BBC presenter Andrew Neil tweeted: ‘Westminster Abbey flying half mast flag for dead King of Saudi Arabia, where Christianity is banned and possessing a Bible illegal.’

Abdullah, who died on Thursday night of pneumonia, oversaw limited reforms in the conservative kingdom where women are still banned from driving, voting and even leaving the house without a male chaperone.

All citizens are unable to vote except in municipal elections, public beheading by sword remains a feature of the judicial system while political parties are banned and homosexuality is punished by death.