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Demand a retraction in phony NAACP bombing story

The NAACP “bombing” story has completely unraveled. It is time for retractions from the “journalists’ who hyped this.

Numerous people, some with known far-left political agendas, hyped a black stain as evidence that an NAACP office was “bombed.”

Turns out the black stain was actually on the wall of barbershop that is located in the same building as the NAACP office. Also, Google Maps shows that the black stain was present at least four months before a bombing was alleged.

It is time to take the reporters and organizations to task that hyped this phony “bombing” into a national news story.

At the top of the list is the Colorado Springs Gazette. On January 6th, they ran the headline “Possible explosion heard outside Colorado Springs barbershop” on their website. After several hours, the word “barbershop” was changed to “NAACP office.” The word “possible” was removed, as was the original first sentence describing the incident as “a loud boom.”

The Gazette twitter account has now admitted that the story was doctored. The Gazette actually published a diagram showing that the alleged explosion occurred along the wall of the barbershop on the opposite side of the building as the NAACP office. It appears that the Gazette doctored their article at the direct request of the NAACP.

The Gazette website has now listed ten articles, three videos, and one staff editorial on the “bombing.” All over just a six day period. The paper is churning out articles like crazy to reap a bonanza of web traffic. Gazette reporter Cloos even got to be a guest on MSNBC. To her credit Cloos actually told MSNBC that she didn’t know if it was a real bombing or if the NAACP was even the target if it was. MSNBC immediately translated her words to “NAACP BOMBING” with a completely unrelated photograph of bomb damage in France.

The most recentl article is attributed to the Editorial Staff and titled “Colorado Springs bombing raises racism concerns.” The piece is a far-left agit-prop editorial inciting hatred against white people. It was published January 11th.

Next up are two reporters for the LA Times. They wrote an article hyping the story in the national news section. This appears to have gotten the ball rolling for national news coverage. One of the authors is James Queally, who once admitted to this webmaster that he censors black on white crime.

After that, MSNBC and the SPLC went to work hyping a “NAACP Bombing.” As we mentioned, MSNBC even aired a fake picture. MSNBC has since claimed it was an honest mistake.

These are the contact numbers for some of the entities that owe everyone a retraction for hyping this fake “bombing” claim.

Colorado Springs Gazette
Main Phone: 719-632-5511
Editor, Dan Steever: 719-636-0104, [email protected]
The main writers behind at least twelve different articles:
Kasandro Cloos: [email protected]
Lisa Walton: [email protected]

LA Times
The LA Times does not give out a phone number or e-mail. You have to use their automated form.
Twitter for the two reporters: @JamesQueallyLAT @kurtisalee

When you contact these people, demand that their publications print the Google Maps photo showing the black stain is at least four months old.