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Detroit puts positive spin on astronomical homicide rate

The overall US murder rate in 2012 was 4.7 per 100k people. The murder rate in Detroit last year was over nine times that rate.

However, the Detroit Free Press is cartoonishly trying to put a positive spin on that number. The Detroit Free Press has run mutiple front page articles praising the city for it’s low murder rate in 2014. One headline read “lowest number of homicides in 47 years.”

Except in 1967, Detroit had far more people. The overall murder rate is far higher now than in 1967, because there are much less people.

In 1967, Detroit had 281 homicides, for a rate of about 18 per 100k.

In 2013, Detroit had 316 homicides, for a rate of about 45 per 100k.

In 2014, Detroit had 298 homicides, for a rate of about 43.4 per 100k.

You are far more likely to be killed in Detroit today than you were in 1967.

The homicide rate in Detroit was only a four year low. Detroit had 308 murders in 2010, for a rate of 43.2. There were about 25k more people in Detroit in 2010 than in 2014.

Detroit has been shrinking since 1967. First most of the white people left. Now, blacks are leaving. In fact, murder rates are going up in surrounding communities where ex-Detroiters are moving to.

The population of Detroit peaked at about 1.9 million in 1950. It is now less than .7 million.

Detroit became the murder capitol of America, in terms of murder rate, when tens of thousands of black residents were moved out of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Ironically, New Orleans overtook Detroit again in 2012, with a rate of 53 per 100k. Murder rates have also gone up in cities where residents of New Orleans were relocated.

The Detroit Free Press is claiming a 47 year low, when it was really only a 4 year low. It is possible that the Detroit murder rate will start falling, but only because of an aging black population and colonization by Latinos and Arabs who commit murder at lower rates than blacks.