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Ex-boyfriend says that Jessica Chambers was gang-raped twice

Bryan Rudd is Jessica Chambers ex-boyfriend from 2012. Jessica Chambers also lived with Bryan and his mother for an extended period of time.

He says that Jessica Chambers was gang raped twice in Courtland, MS by a group of black males. The first attack occurred when her car broke down. He says that a short time later the same group abducted Jessica as she was walking down the street.

He says that the police prevented Jessica’s friends from seeking vigilante justice. Rudd says that the men who gang raped Jessica twice are now in prison for a different murder.

Rudd says that after he moved out of Mississippi, Jessica Chambers dated a black male who abused her. Rudd says that man is also currently in jail.

Rudd claims that Jessica’s father took her car away from her to prevent her from hanging around with black men. He says that Ben Chambers had just given Jessica her car back right before she was killed.

Rudd also accuses Ben Chambers of killing his brother, who died in a single car accident. Rudd claims that Ben Chambers sold meth and may have killed a rival meth dealer named “chicken.” He also claims that Chambers might have killed another man in self-defense at a bar.

Rudd says he had a close relationship with Jessica’s mother. He says Jessica’s mother “gave me money for school.”

The interviewer repeatedly tries to get Bryan Rudd to speculate that “white gangs” killed Jessica Chambers. Bryan Rudd says “i ain’t never saw anything like that when I lived there.” The interviewer claims that police are looking at Ben Chambers as a suspect. So far, the only people who are known to have been held in custody for questioning are a black male and black female. It is known that police are looking at black males with names like “Eric or Derrick” based on the final words that Jessica uttered to a firefighter.

Many black residents in Courtland are accusing Ben Chambers of the murder on Facebook. Bryan Rudd downplays the idea that Ben Chambers could be connected.

The overall image of Panola County, MS keeps getting worse and worse. A post-apocalyptic America dominated by violent criminal gangs. Even the County Sheriff’s department hires people with criminal records.