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Gangster rap kingpin charged with murder

Suge Knight has been charged with murder for a fatal hit and run. Police say it may have been intentional. Suge Knight ran over two men, killing one, and then fleeing the scene. Suge Knight knew the victims.

Knight’s lawyer says that a group of men were trying to kill Knight and he was fleeing for his life at the time.

Suge Knight is one of the most high profile blacks on the business side of the music industry. He is CEO of Black Capitol Records and CEO of Death Row Records. Suge Knight is widely alleged to have used violence to intimidate entertainers, producers, and others. Knight is famous for racially charged public feuds with white rappers. His most notorious alleged act of violence was bursting into the hotel room of Vanilla Ice to intimidate him ahead of a courtroom showdown. Vanilla Ice claimed in court that Suge Knight has threatened to hurl him off of the balcony.